Sweetest Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! I seriously hope everyone is having a great day!!

Sweetie Pie Cake Pops

For me it’s a double blessing, just yesterday was Sweetie Pie’s 1st Anniversary! For the past year I have had the pleasure of being a part of people’s special occasions and celebrations and I hope to continue doing so in the future!

So as I join the rest of the world in the celebration… I would like to share some of my inspirations… My favorite Valentine’s Day Dessert Tables…

And if you are really in the mood for your own Valentine’s Dessert Table, check out this tutorial How to Make a Valentine’s Dessert Table by Style Haul!!!!

Valentine's Dessert Table

Picture via Anders Ruff

Picture via Party On Designs

Valentine's Dessert Table

Picture via Green Wedding Shoes

Styled by Belle

Picture via Styled by Belle

Kara's Party Ideas

Picture via Kara’s Party Ideas

Which is your favorite?



5 thoughts on “Sweetest Valentine’s Day!!!

  1. Wow Lore!!! Felicidades! Todas estan ESPECTACULAR…. BTW Happy Valentines Day!…. Our best wishes en este proyecto tan potencial.

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