Marie Antoinette and the Macaron

I was blown away by this amazing pre-wedding photoshoot by Judy Pak Photography, where they create a “Modern Marie” full of whimsical glamour, and you can’t have Marie without macarons and this amazing dessert buffet!


From Judy of Judy Pak Photography… If there is any day that a girl should be free to live out her every decadent whim, it is on her wedding day. We New York City vendors endeavored to capture the playful, opulent, ultra-feminine spirit of Sofia Coppola’s film “Marie Antoinette” with an inspired wedding shoot for the modern bride. Sofia Coppola’s film so skillfully took a character who we all thought we knew as a detached aristocrat and portrayed her in a more relatable (though equally lavish) light.”

Pictures via Style Me Pretty

On an historical note, although Coppola’s film has Marie Antoinette enjoying macarons throughout the movie, the French Monarch never actually tried a macaron. These delicacies born in Ladurée, weren’t around until 1862; Marie, died in 1793.


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